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Our story

Seafood restaurant FOŠA in situaded in a small port called Foša, very close to the rown walls from XVI century. It's a combination of age-long dalmatian trend and modern trends, in architecture and interior decoration as well as in gastronomy.

Pleasant atmosphere has kept traditional elements. Modern elements discover that restourant keeps up with the times, following guest's requests.

Menu of the restourants Foša is also the example of combination of traditional and modern.

We make dishes of fresh seasonal groceries characteristic for Zadar climate. These dishes keep old tastes of dalmatian kitchen, but at the same time they care for healthy alimentation and creative modern gastronomy.

to reach us
Restaurant Foša
Kralja Dmitra Zvonimira 2
23000 Zadar
tel: +385 23 314 421
fax: +385 23 314 391

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Vlahe Paljetka 2
23000 Zadar
OIB 73288860824
tel/fax: +385 23 314 926
+385 23 212 515